Pigs and Dogs

Pigs and dogs is a series in progress discussing the separation of livestock and pets. 

In 2014, news stations all over the world followed the plight of the pig that risked jumping out of her truck bound for the slaughterhouse. She was rewarded for her desire for life by being adopted by the Guangxi police station in the usual place of the station’s police dog. Over one billion pigs are killed each year worldwide while only around 525 million dogs exist worldwide.

Pigs and Dogs is an exploration of the flesh and feeling of animals with the hope of provoking thought and discussion about the value of life as a whole, and not just restricted to humans. The exhibition will revolve around two large sculptures of a pig and a dog standing in the centre of the room face to face. They will be connected by a double-ended leash. Around them will the exhibition will include a simple animation where a dog and its master evolve into a pig and its slaughterer, and digitally reconstructed animals created from images of their skin and fur. There will be several large paintings including an image of the Guangxi pig falling from her truck, and a major installation of drawings. Pigs and Dogs explores the disturbingly different treatment of each of the animals despite the strong similarities they share in intelligence and personality. Pigs and Dogs is a specific conversation aiming to open a wider discussion about the separation and treatment of ‘livestock’ and ‘pets’.

Pig made from skin through burning, dodging and cutting 2015

Pigs and Dogs, 2015, oil on canvas